After Three Years, Stanker & Galetto Gives
Solar Panels Strong Performance Rating

VINELAND, NJ – Stanker & Galetto, a leading general contracting firm in southern New Jersey, completed the installation of a solar energy system on the roof of its Vineland headquarters in June 2009 to demonstrate its strong commitment to Green Building. After three years of operation, the solar panel system has generated 385,839 kWh of energy. The 84.7 kW system consists of a 485-panel solar array, covering approximately 7,500 square feet. The system represented a $700,000 investment, with the balance of the cost having been returned during year 3 of operations.

“As a company dedicated to green construction, we feel it is important to invest in ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to encourage others to do the same,” said Peter Galetto Jr., President of Stanker and Galetto. “Like everyone at Stanker & Galetto, I am personally and professionally passionate about ‘going green.’ We lead by example and invite others to embrace renewable energy.”

The solar system generates an average of 316 kilowatt hours of electricity per day, which represents approximately 99 percent of the company’s current power needs. On days when the system generates more electricity than is used, the excess power flows back into the grid.

The renewable energy provided by the panels also prevents the production of harmful greenhouse gases. To date, the solar panels have prevented  650,818 pounds of emissions of these gases, or the approximate amount of energy to power 28 homes for a year.

“The solar panels are a perfect symbol for our company, which is dedicated to providing high-performance, sustainable building solutions that help the environment and our clients’ bottom lines,” said Joe Angeloni, CFO of Stanker & Galetto. To date, Stanker & Galetto has recuperated 100% of the cost of the solar installation. This was achieved through utility savings and various State and Federal programs. 

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