Clement Pappas Packaging Addition

Clement Pappas Packaging Addition

LocationSeabrook, New Jersey
ClientClement Pappas & Co., Inc.
ArchitectManders Merighi Portadin Farrell Architects
Start DateOctober 2012
Completion Date June 2013
Building Size 33,121sq. ft.
ConstructionButlerĀ® Metal Building
DescriptionMulti-purpose manufacturing facility

The client is a leading private-brand supplier of cranberry sauces and beverages. The construction of this warehouse storage and manufacturing facility at their existing plant enabled the bottle supplier Graham Packaging to produce bottles onsite instead of trucking them to the Seabrook facility from Pennsylvania.

The facility includes approximately 2,000 sq.ft. of office, a machine shop, parts storage, grinding room, compressor room, production area, and link to the existing facility.

Stanker & Galetto managed all construction trades, including site work, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection. We were also the supplier of the Butler pre-engineered building.
Special Characteristics and ChallengesThe tie-in to the existing building required the construction of a 22' long shed roof over top of an existing loading dock. This helped to avoid an internal gutter condition as well as to prevent additional snow drift loading on the older loading dock roof. The building included heavily reinforced 12" thick concrete floors in certain sections to handle the dynamic loads of the required equipment.

"Stanker & Galetto is a company I have done business with a number of times. They are extremely professional in the way they do business, and they have very capable people in their organization that are always ready to help when an issue arises during a project."
Tom DeThomas, Project Manager