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ButlerLogoCMYKReflex_2009Complete your new facility faster and easier with Butler® Building Systems and Stanker & Galetto, your local Butler Builder®.

Stanker & Galetto can combine design and build functions by working directly with a project design team to maximize communication, minimize confusion and put your entire project on the fast track to completion.

It is simply the fastest, most efficient, cost-effective building process you can use. With Stanker and Galetto as your Butler Builder, you get ten remarkable advantages.

  • Project Cost Established Sooner.
    With Stanker & Galetto Design-Build, your project cost can be established much sooner, using only preliminary design. This allows more time to value engineer methods and materials prior to finalization.
  • Less Time.
    With time-consuming bidding and redesign eliminated, design and construction time is significantly reduced, cutting your costs and getting you into your new facility at the earliest possible date.
  • More Innovative Solutions.
    When Stanker & Galetto, the project design team, and engineers work in partnership, they develop fresh and more innovative answers to your project needs.
  • Greater Control.
    With Stanker & Galetto as your single source Butler Builder, communication lines are always clear. You know your construction costs far earlier. You have more opportunity for decisions. And you have greater control at every stage.
  • Single Source Responsibility.
    Stanker & Galetto is responsible for every phase of the project. You only communicate with one source and you always know who is accountable.
  • Team Effort.
    By working as a team, Stanker & Galetto and the project design group are able to value engineer and explore the most cost-effective construction method, lowering your total project cost.
  • More Experience.
    As a Butler Builder, Stanker & Galetto brings years of accumulated experience to every project. Experience that can get your new facility started sooner and save time at every step along the way.
  • Unequaled Quality.
    With single source responsibility, just one entity has complete accountability for the quality of every project element.
  • Fewer Changes.
    By putting design and construction under one source and keeping communication easy, change orders are the exception rather than the rule.
  • Improved Risk Management.
    Stanker & Galetto, your local Butler Builder, balances risk and responsibility appropriately and clearly defines expectations regarding costs, schedules, quality and safety compliance.

For more information, visit the Butler website at www.butlermfg.com.

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