Job Safety

The key word in every construction project is safety.

At Stanker & Galetto we go beyond the best safety practices to reduce the mishaps that hurt workers, slow projects, and waste money. Our record speaks for itself with an Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) that is routinely better than the industry average.

Our safety program begins at the top of our organization. Our construction management team has completed OSHA 30 and more extensive safety programs. Each project has a safety plan with measurable goals, and everyone on the project team is responsible for meeting and surpassing those goals.

Subcontractor Safety

Stanker & Galetto has an active system to ensure the suitability of subcontractors working on our project team. When we issue a subcontract, we go the extra mile to ensure our subcontractors can perform their role in the project to meet our high standards for quality and safety. For each subcontractor, we¬†research license, general liability insurance, additional insured endorsement, and auto and workers’ compensation policies. The goal is to oversee safety through active risk management and efficient and effective teamwork.

We are committed to the safety and welfare of the people involved in our projects, including the customer, our employees, all subcontractors and their employees, and contract workers. Our Safety Program Book addresses rules and practices required while working on all projects, and all subcontractors are required to sign our Safety and Loss Control Policy Acknowledgment and Agreement at the start of every job.