Founded in 1946, Stanker & Galetto, Inc. has become a hallmark of excellence in the development arena, specializing in industrial, commercial and community construction, as well as property management and real estate transactions in southern New Jersey. Our reputation for quality, service and integrity is a reflection of our solid work ethic and is your blueprint for success. Whatever your project needs – new construction featuring innovative design, attractive retail development, handsome interior finishing or acquiring the right site – you will find it at Stanker & Galetto.

Solid design and construction is an investment with tangible returns. Extensive experience in all forms of commercial construction enables Stanker & Galetto to consistently budget and manage a project from a realistic cost perspective. With this unique combination of accountability, proven technical expertise and a collaborative approach, Stanker & Galetto can satisfy the most demanding owner, the most detail-oriented property manager and the most attentive buyer. Clients realize the best possible outcome, regardless of the project’s scope and complexities.

Stanker & Galetto is also a leader in the property management and real estate development fields. Our diverse inventory of properties for sale or lease and a real estate portfolio of strategically selected building sites make Stanker & Galetto the perfect starting point for your projects.

As a family-based business, the only thing more important than building solid properties is to build solid relationships. In short, at Stanker & Galetto, we keep our word… every time. It is this commitment to honorable business practices and construction excellence that enables us to consistently exceed expectations and earn our reputation as one of the area’s leading construction/real estate development firms.